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Frequently Asked Questions

Excellent question! Yes, I am. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpretation, and an international TESOL certification (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) with an emphasis on pronunciation.

I am also certified in The Accent Channel Method for Speech Improvement.

"The Accent Channel method uses research-based principles of motor learning and a specialized sequence of goals, lessons, materials, and activities designed specifically for you, to produce permanent speech improvement in the shortest amount of time.

You’ll train your ear to recognize your own mistakes, and train your mouth to use the sounds, pronunciations, rhythm, intonation, and other features of American English. Then, you’ll train your brain to automatically use the new speech patterns in real conversations, so you can sound great in any speaking situation.

It’s a proven method that has worked for thousands of students, but it’s not magic. Although you will hear some immediate changes after the very first session, permanently changing your speech habits requires consistent practice and it’s up to you to do the work between sessions.

You’ll need to practice, just a little every day. 5 minutes is great, 10 minutes is wonderful, and 15 minutes is amazing! But if you put in the time, you’ll hear the improvement, and it will be permanent.

Jessica Kijowski, M.S. CCC-SLP

It's a systematic approach for improving a person's accent and pronunciation so that they are clearly understood in everyday conversation. A person's native language can sometimes interfere with effective communication, so our personalized program is designed to help (Spanish-speaking) professionals living in the US and other English-speaking countries, and advanced English speakers worldwide, to improve their pronunciation and spoken English in order to be understood in professional, academic and social contexts, such as workplace situations, job interviews and meetings, among others. Whenever you are ready to find out more, contact us via email or learn more about our services here.

No, if you speak another language, especially a Latin, Germanic, Scandinavian or Slavic language (language families I am familiar with), please feel free to get in touch. I will definitely be able to help you, too.  

Yes, I do! I am a professional Neurolanguage Coach® certified by Efficient Language Coaching, and accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I use a holistic and integral approach to English learning that is brain-friendly and learner-centered. To find out more about learning English with me, click here.

The accent that we teach our students during our private sessions is known as General American English. This is an umbrella term for the variety of English spoken by most Americans throughout the United States, and widely perceived as not being tied to any part of the country. In other words, this is a neutral type of American English that is used for clear and easy-to-understand everyday communication because everyone is accustomed to hearing it.

Yes, you can! Training your speech organs (tongue, lips, jaw, etc.) to produce new sounds is a process that takes self-discipline, commitment, and constant work, but it is 100% possible. We will give you the tools and techniques that you need to improve the way you sound. And you will achieve noticeable results throughout our sessions as long as you are consistent with your daily practice, out-of-session assignments, and weekly feedback.

Professional training can help you modify your accent and pronunciation. However, it's unlikely to "lose" your accent completely. Research shows that people who learn a second language after puberty are not likely to acquire native-like pronunciation for neurological reasons.

The good news is you can soften your accent to the point it's no longer an obstacle when you communicate in English. Therefore, people will focus less on the way you sound and more on your message. And please remember that Pronunciation Training is not about sounding like a native speaker, but about communicating effectively with or without an accent.

This will vary from student to student. However, most students notice a difference after three months. It's also important to mention that results will also depend on motivation, commitment and practice time. It takes time for newly learned sounds and speech patterns to become permanent and automatic when you're learning a new accent and/or improving your pronunciation.

Most people see pronunciation as a luxury or something to worry about when they reach an advanced English level. However, this is not accurate. Building your pronunciation skills will boost your grammar and vocabulary because you need to generate spoken English multiple times a week in order to improve your speech, so improving your grammar and vocabulary is a natural side effect.

Pronunciation is also the most neglected area in English teaching, and one of the main reasons people lack the confidence to speak. Most programs focus on grammar, but... imagine having perfect grammar, but nobody undertsands you because your pronunciation isn't clear? That's why pronunciation is important.

Our expertise is accent and pronunciation training, but we also provide other services, like assistance with grammar and vocabulary, presentation skills, job interview preparation, public speaking skills, etc.

We also do mindset work and use Neurolanguage Coaching® to help students achieve sustainable results and develop a healthy relationship with English, which is essential to speaking confidently. All goals are defined in the first session.

First of all, Pronunciation Training is not for beginners. You must have at least a basic command of the language before working on your pronunciation, so a B2 level or higher is necessary.

And to answer the question, most traditional English teaching programs focus on grammar, vocabulary building, written skills, etc., but do not focus on pronunciation or speaking skills. Pronunciation Training is all about SPOKEN English, that is, pronunciation, prosody and oral communication skills. Assistance with grammar and vocabulary is provided if needed, but the focus is the nuances of spoken English for clear and effective oral communication.

Not at all! Pronunciation training is not about losing anything. It's about gaining new skills and a new accent/pronunciation that you can use when you want to be understood more clearly and easily. We live in a society where the way you sound affects people's perception of who you are, so having clearer pronunciation can boost effectiveness, especially in the workplace, where most employers expect good communication skills from their employees.

There's nothing wrong with having a foreign accent; however, a foreign accent can sometimes hinder the communication process, and that's when Pronunciation Training comes into play.

All sessions take place online via Zoom.

We focus on one sound and/or concept per session only because speech improvement must be approached systematically in order to avoid overwhelm and achieve effective results. You are then assigned homework so that you can keep practicing what you learned and make progress throughout the week.

We also incorporate mindset work into every session and use Neurolanguage Coaching® to create a safe and efficient learning environment. And given that all the coaching services that we provide are customized to fit your needs, we will also select vocabulary that is personalized to your professional and/or educational goals so that you can speak clearly and naturally in your everyday life.

Click HERE to check prices. But on average, single sessions range between $85 USD and &115 USD. If you invest in a coaching program, you get a 10% discount.

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Absolute Fluency has a 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. All sessions must be canceled 24 hours in advance in order to be rescheduled or fully refunded.