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Meet Your Coach

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Hey there!

My name is Ben and I'm a language professional. After completing my Bachelor's Degree at UNIACC University in Santiago, Chile in 2012, I went on to work as a translator and interpreter as well as an ESL teacher for different schools, universities, and private companies. But around 2019, I felt like something was missing, so in 2020 I decided to finally pursue my passion and get certified as an Accent & Pronunciation Coach.

I now help Spanish-speaking professionals living in the US and other English-speaking countries, and advanced English speakers worldwide, to improve their pronunciation and spoken English, and speak General American English with more clarity, fluency, and confidence through digital courses and 1:1 personalized programs.

I also speak Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese, so as a language learner myself, I know first-hand the struggles that people face when speaking English as a second language. Communicating effectively in a language that isn't your own can be challenging. As a pronunciation coach, I am committed to providing my clients with personalized, practical, and comprehensive coaching services so that they are no longer scared to speak English in public, and can reach their communication goals within the shortest time frame possible.

I  incorporate mindset work and Neurolanguage Coaching® into my sessions to help my students achieve effective and long-lasting results. I believe that the current educational system is no longer helping us, and that the answer is not more grammar, more vocabulary or even more pronunciation. The answer is to build a healthier relationship with your English, and that's when Neurolanguage Coaching® comes into play.

I’m here to help you, so just shoot me an email  at and I'll get back to you right away.