Pronunciation Accelerator

Master difficult English sound combinations in 10 minutes a day!

Trouble pronouncing certain sound combinations?

You are not alone! English has tricky transitions, so speaking without getting stuck can be quite a challenge sometimes. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

🤔 Watch a bunch of random videos on YouTube?
🤔 Practice speaking without a clear objective?
🤔 Scroll though Instagram and save the posts you think can help you?
🤔 Think "I'll work on this later" and then never do it?

What if there was a better way?

I get it, my  friend, between your full-time job, family, household and other responsibilities, your calendar is full! And what that means is that SOME weeks you have time to work on your English pronunciation, and SOME weeks you most definitely do not.

But what if I told you that committing to just 10 minutes of intentional practice every day for 30 days could make a huge difference in your English in the long run?


A concise pronunciation course focused on the 8 most common and most difficult sound combinations for all speakers of English as a second language, and designed to help you boost your fluency in the most efficient and time-saving way.

Inside The Course

Part #1

You'll learn how to make the transitions S + TH and Z + TH as in "this thing" and "realize that".

Part #2

You'll learn how to make the transitions TH + R and Flap T + R as in "Three" and "Water".

Part #3

You'll learn how to make the transitions RT and RD as in the words "Party" and "Order".

Part #4

You'll learn how to make the transitions T + Consonant and RL as in "Netflix" and "World".

Easily Accessible On Laptop And Mobile!


After completing Pronunciation Accelerator, you will:

  • Become aware of how you must use your articulators to pronounce difficult sound combinations accurately.
  •  Incorporate difficult sounds into your speech in a systematic way.
  •  Sound more natural and clear to your audience.
  •  Feel more confident about the way you sound, especially if you already speak English and just need a little extra help to take your pronunciation to the next level.

You're also getting:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  •  A step-by-step approach to mastering difficult transitions
  •  Weekly tips via email to make your pronunciation practice effective
  •  A planner + habit tracker to organize your practice
  •  4 concise pronunciation video lessons
  •  6 downloadable practice guides + audio recordings
  •  Free mobile app to access the course on your phone
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What makes Pronunciation Accelerator effective?

Let me ask you a question. Can you learn how to ride a bike just from reading a book about it? Probably not.

So just like you can't learn how to ride a bike just from reading about it in a book, you can't learn how to pronounce difficult sounds in English just from watching videos on YouTube or simply consuming content online.

In Pronunciation Accelerator, you not only will learn difficult sounds, but you will also internalize them though daily practice and intentional repetition.

Pronunciation is physical, so you need to feel it in your body. Repeat it over and over again until it becomes automatic, just like riding a bike.

Course Curriculum